Saint Lawrence in winter. Driving back on our way from Fredericton, New Brunswick to home, we passed Notre-Dame-du-Portage.  This is a municipality in the province of Quebec located at the edge of the Saint Lawrence River in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region with a population of approx. 1,200 people. I wanted to look for an opportunity to capture an icy scene from a low standpoint, close to the ice. Great and pleasant was my surprise so see this pier heading into the St. Lawrence with beautiful rocks on the side for protection. Without these rocks it would have been a less exciting shot. Though it was a cold day and the walk from the parking lot to the photo location was rather slippery, I was (and am) glad I had the opportunity to create this photograph in this time of the year. Five images were stitched together to create this piece.
Available on canvas: 10 x 25; 15 x 37.5; 20 x 50; 30 x 75 and 40 x 100 (measured in inches)
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