Staunton Area in Virginia. After driving a few hours on the Interstate 81, we got out of a thunderstorm and decided to take some back roads. With my camera in my lap, we drove through the Shenandoah Valley until this scenery appeared in front of us. Getting out of the vehicle was the only option left, to capture this mystery scene as the earth was still bathing in layers of fog, enjoying the warm light of the setting sun. You can't plan this, it just happens...................................
Available on canvas: 10 x 30; 15 x 45; 20 x 60 THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION OF 50
Holland State Park, MI. While I was on a road trip with my son, we arrived in Holland, MI after a 4 hours drive. The sun was already setting and we decided to try to catch the sunset at Holland State Park. When we arrived, several people were watching the sunset in the comfort and warmth of their cars. It was -10 C (14 F) with a strong storm wind. Since the conditions didn't allow me to setup the tripod, I took single pictures. This panoramic picture is therefore the result of cropping. Though the weather conditions took a serious toll on my hands and ears, nothing happened that couldn't be fixed with hot coffee and a nice meal.
Available on canvas: 10 x 30; 15 x 45 THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION OF 50
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